About Brad

Modern yet refined, whimsical yet appropriate. Interior designer Bradford Collier is an award-winning designer known for creating beautifully livable spaces.

Collier began his career over twenty years ago in Memphis at one of the state’s most prestigious design firms after receiving a BFA in Interior Design from the University of Memphis. After six years of honing his skills under the guidance of well-known designers, Collier opened his own studio. For eight years Collier ran a successful mid-sized firm in Memphis under the name Bradford W. Collier Interior Design. In 2009, Bradford moved shop to Houston, Texas, where he has been running a thriving studio ever since.

Bradford Collier specializes in full-service residential design, assisting clients through the entire process from concept to completion. Whether the issue is architectural details, custom furnishings, or lighting, Collier’s mantra is functional, feel-good design, always creating a space that reflects the person living in it. 

I never start a project believing that my plan is more important than my client’s needs, wishes, and input.

Brad Collier

Collier’s process begins with asking a lot of questions and—even more importantly—with listening. He explains, "Even if it's something as routine as reading in bed or weaving a client's sacred possession into the new design, I'm sensitive to such a need, and I strive to adapt my design work so that the piece or function gets incorporated. 

Teaming up with his sophisticated aesthetic, Collier’s architectural background gives him a rare sense of proportion and space planning, and his proficiency in AutoCAD makes him only more unique in his field.

With the opening of his new space in EaDo (East Downtown Houston), Bradford Collier will also be debuting BwC Studio, Inc., a strictly edited collection of custom upholstery, accessories, and lighting.

BWC Studio is happy to announce their recent win at the West University Festival of New Homes for "Best Interior Design 2014". The West University Festival of Homes is an annual new home tour featuring custom builders and designers.