Bradford Collier is a dichotomous designer with a Southern spirit driven by a modern mind.  He prefers a more traditional aesthetic accented with contemporary accoutrement, but is well-versed in a variety of interior design and architectural viewpoints. 

Born and raised in Tennessee, Bradford’s career began in 1993 working for a prestigious, award-winning Memphis design firm where he remained for 6 years.  Bradford gained immeasurable experience while there, spending time at the helm of literally every position at the firm as the showroom director, librarian, a personal design assistant, and finally as a designer.  After this initial learning period, Brad felt confident and comfortable launching his own business and in 2000, Bradford W. Collier Interior Design was opened in Memphis, Tennessee. 

The firm grew rapidly and enjoyed much success, eventually employing 12 personnel and housing its own drapery workroom via which Bradford gained crucial business acumen in production and inventory management, as well as custom drapery and furniture design.  After moving in 2009, Brad now lives and operates BwCollier, Interior Design in Houston, Texas.

Bradford holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Interior Design from the University of Memphis and is a member of the American Society of Interior Designers.  He is a master lighting planner, proficient with AutoCAD, and an exceptional space planner working with and around existing design elements.  As an architectural consultant and designer, Bradford won an award for “Best New Construction in a Historical District” for a home he designed and had built in 2002.  Bradford has also been featured in many publications such as Spectacular Homes of Tennessee, Tennessee Homes and Gardens, and Memphis Magazine.

Bradford W. Collier knows that interior design is so much more than just furniture and draperies.  In his words:  “Exceptional Interior Design is more than just dropping off pretty furniture.  It’s the result of taking the time to listen, assess, plan, and discuss the needs of an individual, family, or group.  Whether the environment is commercial, office, or residential, every project is a unique experience with specific needs that must be addressed.  All clients deserve Exceptional Interior Design.” 

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